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Forage materials are defined as hay, feed, and straw. Some lands are more suited to growing forage crops instead of row crops. More than 78% of Texas hay is harvested for dairies or feedlots. The other 20% is marketed as small square wire or twine-tied bales for the horse market. Land Managers also use forage materials throughout Texas. Drgac Fleet & Ag Services is a Full Forage dealer.

When you are looking for farm equipment sales or rentals, forage materials, farming products, and wholesale farm supplies, find it all at Drgac Fleet & Ag Services in Caldwell & Fayetteville, TX.

Vermeer Feed Mixer
Vermeer Bale shredders and cutters

At Drgac Fleet & Ag Services, we understand the challenges farmers face in the agriculture industry. That’s why we provide top-quality agricultural machinery, forage materials, and farming products to make your life easier. For more than 20 years, Drgac Fleet & Ag Services has been helping farmers in Texas succeed in their farming business. With more than 10,000 satisfied farmers, we are a trusted supplier of farming equipment, forage materials,  and wholesale farm supplies in Caldwell, Texas. We specialize in Full Forage, providing hay, feed, and straw to farmers throughout the state. In addition to our extensive selection of forage materials, we also offer over 25 different equipment models to choose from. If you are planning to purchase farm equipment, we have everything to help Texas landowners equip their farms and ranches with the most versatile farming equipment at affordable prices.

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