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Elston Gopher Getter (GA 400) For Your Farm Land in Caldwell & Fayetteville, Texas

The GA-400 traces its history back to the original gopher getters built over 50 years. Numerous improvements since then have made this the tried and true design that exists today.

Elston Gopher Getter gopher bait applicators provide a safe, economical, and fast method of controlling gophers.

The GA-400 is our standard three point hitch model. It builds and baits an artificial pocket gopher runway in one fast, sure operation. The depth of this runway is adjustable to help you better intercept natural pocket gopher runways.

Elston Gopher Getter (GA 400)

Why You Should Be Buying Elston Gopher Getter in Texas?

  • Innovative and Efficient: Uses compressed air to deliver a powerful and effective solution to gopher infestations
  • Safe and Eco-friendly: Does not use poisons or chemicals, making it safe for use around people, pets, and the environment
  • Easy to Operate: Requires no special skills or knowledge to use. Simply insert the tool into the gopher hole and pull the trigger
  • Built to Last: Made from high-quality materials that ensure durability and longevity for years of use
  • Cost-effective: Saves money by eliminating the need for costly and ineffective gopher control methods, such as poisons and traps